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MJ, RAW Therapy Founder:

My story My pain After an anxious childhood fraught with divorce, agoraphobia and eating disorders, I finally admitted I needed help at 17. My experience of therapy involved people three times my age, constant anti-depressants and a counsellor who crossed too many boundaries.


At 24, I escaped to London, tried Harley Street, but just received more anti-depressants. I lost all emotions, I was numb. Alcohol and illegal substances became my medication. I wanted to please, but ended up losing my family, friends, girlfriends, jobs and living arrangements. The police came knocking, too. I didn’t want to die, but I didn’t want to live. Then, along came my daughter. I couldn’t look after myself let alone a new human being. I was spiritually, emotionally and financially bankrupt. Eventually I was on my knees begging for help. The 40 days I then spent at The Priory Hospital was a gift I’ll always be grateful for. After blaming everyone from my past, I finally had to look at me. My recovery Even the best rehab won’t fix you.


Only YOU can fix you. I knew what to do and had the motivation to act. I abandoned old associates and other negative influences. I had purpose. Helping others helped me. I studied at university, worked at a rehab centre and trained at The Priory Hospital before entering the criminal justice system. I received a ‘Master Coach’ qualification and wanted to save the world. Four years later, I lost a relative and my job, had disputes with an ex-partner and a nightmare house sale. But, I didn’t run. I used what I’d learnt and sought therapy in the right places. I had two options; talk to someone who’d been through hell, or someone who’d read the right books. What if I could find coaches and therapists with both experiences?


It was then that RAW Therapy and Coaching was born. Don’t wait like I did – your time is now. Sign up with us to find coaches and therapists who’ll give you everything you need to reach higher. — Meta Data — Focus keyword Find coaches and therapists Meta Title Find coaches and therapists – About Us | RAW Therapy & Coaching Meta Description Discover your true potential; find coaches and therapists with the skills and experience to take you further, trained by the best to be the best.


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