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Why should I use RAW Therapy & Coaching?

There’s so much to love about RAW Therapy & Coaching. This is just a flavour of what makes us different: We change lives by building a programme around you We only choose therapists and coaches at the top of their game All our coaches and therapists have been where you are now We don’t do quick-fixes – we get to the root of your issues We’re not afraid to try new methods and techniques We don’t just talk – if you want to overcome a fear of flying, we’ll get on the plane with you We’re a one-stop-shop for all types of therapy, coaching and self-help resources One thing sits at the centre of all this – and that’s you. Our founder MJ has put personalisation front-and-center ever since RAW Therapy & Coaching was founded.

What does ‘RAW’ stand for?

We’ve called ourselves RAW Therapy & Coaching because our approach ‘Really Actually Works’. It’s also about that personal journey we all take to discover our potential – taking your raw ingredients and turning them into a refreshing, new blend.

How can I tell whether I need therapy or coaching?

Would you be here if you didn’t? Whatever you’re trying to get to the root of, talk to us. We’ll find someone who’s been where you are now, and can take you to higher ground.

How much does therapy or coaching cost?

You’re unique, so the therapy or coaching we’ll recommend will be to. Help us understand where you want to be heading, and we’ll give you a quote – fully-costed and free from any nasty extras.

How do I know what type of therapy or coaching I need?

The simple answer is, you need something that’s made to measure. Chat confidentially with one of our therapists, and we’ll tell you what we think the right combination of one-to-one sessions, retreats and self-help resources is for you. With one-to-one sessions, it’s all about how you connect with your therapist or coach. We’ll pick someone who’s been in your shoes before, and who knows the route out. Want to know more about our confidentiality agreements? Just ask your therapist.

Will my therapist or coach be up to the job?

Our world-class therapists and coaches have been trained by the best to be the best. We handpick our therapists and coaches based on their abilities and experience. We choose people who’ve been where you are now and know how to unlock your true potential. Not convinced? You can check out their credentials on governing body websites, including the (IAPC&M) and Master Coach.

What’s your process?

We make sure our process really, actually works by building it around you. Together, we’ll come up with an action plan to get you where you want to be. We’ll set you up with a special package that could combine: One-to-one/couple sessions Group sessions Real-life experiences Retreats Self-help resources All you need to bring to the party is open-mindedness and the motivation to transform your life.

What will happen if I don’t get help?

With the same mindset and lifestyle, chances are you’ll get the same results. Ask yourself “Am I really happy?” and “Could I do more with my potential?” If there’s any doubt and you have the drive to live your best life, then what’s stopping you from making a change? Sign up with RAW Therapy & Coaching to discover where your potential could take you. — Meta Data — Focus keyword Therapy & coaching Meta Title Therapy & coaching – FAQs | RAW Therapy & Coaching Meta Description Get answers to all our FAQs and discover how therapy or coaching from RAW therapy can help you unlock your true potential.

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