Blood is thicker than water – make amends and move on with family therapy

Family Therapy

Do we really need family therapy?

Answer these questions (honestly) to see whether your tribe needs family therapy:

  • Does spending time with your family feel tougher than before?
  • Are emotions – anger, sadness, shame, envy, frustration – running higher than usual?
  • Getting the silent treatment? Or, just struggling to communicate?
  • Finding it hard to adapt to a new family dynamic following divorce or bereavement
  • Are family members acting strangely (locking themselves away, or lashing out violently)?
  • Are you finding it tough to balance your work and family lives?
  • Have the kids’ school grades started dropping unexpectedly?
  • Are you fighting unwelcome influences – secrets, relationships or addiction?
  • Would you really have found us if you didn’t need family therapy?

If you answered ‘yes’ to even one, you could strengthen your bonds with family therapy.

How will anxiety therapy help me get my life back?

At RAW Coaching & Therapy, we’ve walked in your shoes.

Our therapists have fought their own battles with anxiety, but have come out stronger and able to bat life’s challenges out of the park.

We understand the causes of and triggers for your anxiety, and know what it takes to calm those racing thoughts.

What causes family

friction today?

Some family issues are as old as time itself. But, in today’s high-intensity world, your family has to hurdle these age-old issues on top of a stack of new ones.

Common family friction factors include:

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  • Divorce: Nearly half of marriages now end in divorce, which completely changes family structures.
  • Bereavement: Death in the family can leave a painful wound, or spark angry words over inheritance.
  • Technology: Over-reliance on social media, games and digital devices isolates family members.
  • World views: Sexuality, gender, politics, parenting techniques – we’ve never been more divided.
  • Ageing: Teenagers hitting puberty and parents reaching old age can upset established family dynamics.
  • Addiction: Abuse of substances or experiences changes personalities and can cause serious financial issues.
  • Mental health: Depression, anxiety, eating disorders and other issues can really strain family bonds.

Family life can be hard. But, with the right support, you can regroup, remember what’s important and build that foundation you need to move forward.

What will family therapy do for us?

Modern family life demands a totally fresh approach to family therapy – and, that’s exactly what RAW Coaching & Therapy will give you.

Our mission is to help you reconnect, get back on the same team and pull together to create something greater than the sum of its parts.

Family therapy built around your tribe

We’ll create a special therapy programme just for you, orientated towards:

  • Reuniting dysfunctional families
  • Supporting troubled teens
  • Addressing parental problems
  • Enhancing communication
  • Improving organisation and family systems
  • Smoothing generational divides
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One-hour weekly sessions are old hat and won’t get to the root of your issues.

We’ll spend time with your family – at your home or a family retreat – to cut through the chatter and figure out what’s really going on.

Then, we’ll build a programme around you, made up of individual and family sessions, shared experiences, retreats/boot-camps and self-help resources.

We’re proof that our techniques work

Why are we so confident we can turn you into a happier, more cohesive family unit?

All our therapists have been precisely where your family is now, but have come out the other side stronger, wiser and more united than ever.

Don’t settle for division. from RAW Coaching & Therapy and get the inspiration you need to make a change that’ll last a lifetime.




If you or anyone you know is struggling with any of these issues or something new, then please contact a member of our team and we will help you take back control.


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