About Tracy

I qualified as a teacher in 2001 and it has been an absolute pleasure and true honour to be able to contribute in unleashing the true potential in children and developing the inquisitive, growing minds of our future generation.

I have worked in a variety of schools with families as well as children and have thrived on the different emotional and behavioural challenges presented to me as a class teacher, having a natural love to positively impact lives and relationships. Coupled with my teaching experience my three daughters have given me the insight and real first-hand knowledge-  and understanding of the dynamics within family life, juggling time, homework, clubs /hobbies whilst endeavouring to keep the ‘ love and happiness tank ‘full to the brim  where self-love and fulfilment is felt by all.


It became very apparent to me at the beginning of my teaching career that my raw passion and love is specialising in the Personal, Social and Emotional development of children and their families. I have such a strong belief in the value of building confidence, self-worth and love, arming individuals of all ages with the tools to build positive, meaningful, fulfilling relationships. This will empower them to take control of their own personal happiness levels in a society where many are too self-critical resulting in the fear of judgement for simply being them.  I believe in embedding these essential life skills from young to enable a healthy, fulfilled, awakened life truly living.

My hunger to contribute and build others in this crucial area of self-development led me to begin my own enlightening journey of personal self -development where I have had the immense opportunity to become an accredited master coach, specialising in family, child and relationship coaching.


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